Anushree Datta

I am a post-doctoral researcher working with Prof. María José Calderon and Prof. Leni Bascones in the Theory of Quantum Materials and Solid State Quantum Technologies group at the Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid.

My research interest broadly lies in the area of strongly correlated electronic systems. Strongly correlated materials provide rich playgrounds for various exotic quantum phases exhibiting superconductivity, insulating behaviors, magnetic orders, charge-density wave orders, and other intriguing phases, which can coexist and compete against each other.

Currently, I am working on twisted bilayer graphene, which hosts flat bands at certain twist angles (coined as “magic angles”) between the graphene layers facilitating amplified effects of electronic correlations. Various experiments involving transport and spectroscopic measurements have exhibited correlated insulating and superconducting phases at different doping values, near the first magic angle at around 1.08 degrees. Our goal is to understand the nature of the insulating phases in the magic angle twisted bilayer graphene.

During my Ph.D., I have worked on non-uniform superconducting phases in strongly correlated systems in the presence of magnetic fields. In this direction, I have studied the Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov state in a d-wave superconductor with strong correlations. I have also worked on the vortex state in a strongly correlated d-wave superconductor with a perspective to understand various intriguing experimental findings in cuprates. I have also investigated disorder effects on the vortex state in an s-wave superconductor focusing on its electronic transport properties.