Carlos Payá

During the academic year 2021–2022 I am a student of the Master in Physics of Condensed Matter and Biological Systems, Nanophysics specialization, at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, working in my Master Thesis under the supervision of Elsa Prada. I graduated in physics from the same University in June 2021.

I am interested in the theoretical study of the role of topology in superconductor–semiconductor heterostructures, having presented my Graduation Project (TFG) on the topic Josephson Junctions based on full-shell Majorana Nanowires, for which I received the GEFES Research Award for Undergraduate Students 2020.

My Master Thesis this year consists in a continuation of my TFG, particularly the analysis of more realistic configurations and its application to the absorption spectra of a transmon device based on full-shell nanowires. Our intention is that this research leads to a valuable publication for the community interested in the so-called Majorana states, whose emergence is expected in this configuration.