María José Calderón


My research interests range from strongly correlated electron systems to the study of nanostructures.  I am active in three main lines: (i) Quantum control of dopants in semiconductors, in particular Si and related materials, in the context of different proposals for the implementation of solid state quantum computers. (ii) Iron superconductors, a family of high Tc’s discovered in 2008. (iii) Oxide heterostructures, where the electronic reconstruction at interfaces can lead to the appearance of new phases and functionalities.

In the past I also worked on the bulk properties of colossal magnetoresistance materials and diluted magnetic semiconductors and oxides.

I am at ICMM since 2007, and got tenure on March 2011. Previously I spent 3+ years at the Theory  of Condensed Matter group in the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, as a Junior Research Fellow of Churchill College, and two years as a research associate at the Condensed Matter Theory Center, University of Maryland.

I am currently the president of the Condensed Matter Physics Division-GEFES of the Spanish Royal Physics Society. Check our webpage for jobs, conferences, and research news from the Spanish Condensed Matter Community.

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