Leni Bascones: Courses

I teach in several postgrade courses at ICMM:

  • Emergence of Quantum Phases in Novel Materials.  I coordinate this course which at present I teach together with R. Aguado, M.J. Calderón and A. Cortijo .  In the course we give a general overview of electronic correlations and topology in condensed matter systems.  1 week.  We offer the course each two years and we have already celebrated VI editions . Level: Advanced,  Language: English.  Included among CSIC Postgrade Courses. I teach lectures on  Fermi liquid and Mott physics, including correlations in multiorbital systems. Slides available for download.
  • Frontiers in Materials Science. This is a joint  ICMM postgrade course offered  offered every year since 2009. Level: Intermediate, Language: Spanish. Included among CSIC Postgrade Courses. Within this course I give a brief introduction to superconductivity.
  • Mott physics.  I offered this course in 2013 at the Department of Theory of ICMM. 5 hours, Level: Advanced, Language: English. I presented a short versión of this course in 2012 at the Summer School Innovations in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems in ICTP Trieste (Italy). Slides available for download.