Leni Bascones

Leni BasconesThe study of strongly correlated systems is one of the most active areas of materials science and continuously offers new surprises to the scientific community. The diversity of phases found in strongly correlated materials is extremely rich. Very often these phases compete. They show superconductivity, magnetism and other exotic phases. Among correlated systems special interest has been raised by high temperature superconductors.I am interested in modelling strongly correlated electron systems, especially high temperature superconductors. Since their discovery in 2008 my research has been dedicated to understand iron superconductors, with main focus on their magnetism, correlations and anisotropic properties.
Previously I worked extensively in cuprates, overall in the relation between pseudogap and superconductivity, and in the transport properties of mesoscopic systems: nano-contacts, hybrid normal-superconducting systems, quantum dots and nanoparticle arrays.
Since 2009 I am a tenured researcher at ICMM. Besides ICMM,  I have worked at the ETH in Zurich and at the University of Texas at Austin and visited many other institutions, in some cases for long periods.  Besides doing research I am very active in Science Communication. You can find know more information about myself here and how to contact me in this link.