Leni Bascones: CV

I have been doing science since 1996. During this time I have worked in Madrid, Zúrich and Austin. I visited many institutions for a short time and spent periods ranging from one to five months in Paris, Minneapolis, Karslruhe, Santa Barbara and Zúrich. I have supervised one Phd thesis, organized 2 international conferences and 1 symposium. Follow the links if you want to know more about my publications, the courses that I am teaching, my activity in outreachthe talks that I have presented or the grants that I have managed as PI.

Brief Vita

Visits (one month or longer)

  • September-October 2014. Visiting scientist at KITP Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics, in University of Santa Barbara (California-USA) as a participant in the workshop IRONIC2014.
  • April 2013. Research guest at Ecole Superieur de Physique et Chimie Industrielle, ESPCI, Paris (France), visiting Prof. Ricardo Lobo.
  • March 2008-July 2008. Research guest at Ecole Superieur de Physique et Chimie Industrielle, ESPCI, Paris (France), visiting Prof. Andrés Santander-Syro.
  • January 2008-February 2008. Research guest at ETH-Zurich, visiting Prof. Manfred Sigrist and T. Maurice Rice.
  • September 1999-December 1999. Research guest at Theoretical Physics Institute. University of Minnesota. Group. Prof. Leonid Glazman
  • April-May 1999 and November 1998. Research guest at TFP Institute, Karslruhe University, group Prof. Gerd Schön.

Phd supervised

  • Transport Properties of Nanoparticle Arrays,
    by Virginia Estevez.
    Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Defended in April 2011

Conferences Organized

  • Fe-based superconductors. August 2014. Symposium organized together with F. Rullier-Albenque, Yann Gallais and Luca de Medici at the Conference Condensed Matter in Paris.
  • The New Generation in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems ,
    June 2010, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain.
    Conference organized together with Belén Valenzuela and Andrés Santander-Syro
  • Emergent Quantum States in Complex Correlated Matter ,
    August 2010, Dresden, Germany.
    Conference organized together with Ilya Eremin and Andrey Chubukov