José Luis del Olmo Naranjo

I am a PhD student in the Theory of Quantum Materials and Solid State Quantum Technologies group under the supervision of Rubén Seoane and Ramón Aguado. I obtained both my bachelor’s degree in Physics and my master’s degree in Condensed Matter Physics at Autonomous University of Madrid. During my bachelor’s courses I had the opportunity of joining ICMM twice as a student, to learn about qubit physics and twisted bilayer Graphene.

It was in my master’s thesis (studying uranium-based superconductors using STM), that my interest in exotic phenomena grew, such as topological superconductivity, majorana states and quantum information processing.

Related to the last topics, sub-gap states, such as Yu-Shiba-Rusinov or Andreev states, have aroused the interest of the community in recent years. The study and control of the above states has been carried out experimentally by microwaves in hybrid systems, demonstrating their capacity for quantum information processing.
Furthermore, the emergence of topologically non-trivial p-wave superconductivity provides a platform for the realisation of Majorana states, allowing topologically protected information processing.

In my thesis, I will be working on theoretical theoretical description of these phenomena, identifying sources of decoherence, interactions and their dynamics. These physical phenomena will be studied by means of Green-Keldysh function  formalisms, in addition to implementing computational simulations of these systems for
their prediction of new characteristics.