Topological materials and Majorana Fermions

The exotic edge states in topological materials have an even broader appeal in the superconducting case owing to their Majorana fermion character. Zero-energy Majorana bound states (MBS) are particularly interesting due to their non-Abelian braiding properties, which are potentially relevant for topological quantum computation. It has been known for years that MBS excitations may appear in many condensed matter systems (such as e. g. exotic quantum Hall states and superconductors), but the real breakthrough came with proposals to engineer topological superconductors based on conventional s-wave superconductors coupled to a topological insulator, or a semiconductor with strong spin-orbit coupling. The possibility of obtaining topological superconductivity using these realistic materials spurred a race towards detecting Majorana fermions in solid state devices.

In fact, recent experiments have reported measurements in InSb nanowires coupled to superconductors that show signatures, an emergent zero bias anomaly (ZBA) in the electrical conductance as a magnetic field is increased, consistent with MBS. Similar ZBA features have been also reported in subsequent experiments. However, alternative physical explanations, ranging from Kondo physics to non-trivial magnetic dependence of Andreev levels, cannot be ruled out in most of these experiments. Thus the field is in need of ”smoking gun” experiments beyond this first ZBA generation.

Selected publications

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