Dr. Bernd Wicklein

Bernd Wicklein got his Diploma (MSc.) in Materials Science from Stuttgart University in 2007. After a period working as Materials Engineer at Robert Bosch GmbH he moved to Spain to carry out his Doctoral Thesis at the Materials Science Institute of Madrid (ICMM) in the group of Prof. Ruiz-Hitzky. In 2011 he earned his PhD from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) for his work on clay-lipid hybrids. From 2012-2014 he held a postdoctoral position in Prof. Lennart Bergström’s group at Stockholm University working on nanocellulose based hybrid and composite materials. In late 2014 he has joined again Prof. Ruiz-Hitzky’s group to work on nanocellulosic materials for functional and biomedical applications.

e-mail: bernd@icmm.csic.es

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