FE-SEM (Ultra-high resolution low-vacuum FEG-SEM) facility

The equipment is a FEI Nova NanoSEM 230 microscope of last generation that allows the visualization of samples at high (HV) and low (LV) vacuum (< 200 Pa) at variable potential (50 V to 30 kV) without requirement of previous metallization even for non-conductive samples using the low-vacuum option. The equipment incorporates several detectors for imaging of samples: secondary electrons (SE) Everhart-Thornley for HV (SED), low vacuum SE detector (LVD), through the lens SE detector (TLD), backscatter electrons (BSE) detector through the lens (TLD-BSE), ultrahigh resolution low vacuum SED (Helix) detector and a new generation BSE detector for high contrast images at low potentials in both HV and LV (vCD detector). Quantitative analysis of samples is possible with the new generation EDX detector (EDAX Genesis XM2i) that allows identification of elements with atomic number > 5 (boron) and resolution till 133 eV that incorporates software to obtain fast analysis and fast mapping of the specimens. The microscope allows the visualization and compositional characterization of samples of different nature including organic materials and polymers, oxides, semiconductors, porous solids, carbon nanotubes, glass substrates, etc. (284 mm sample chamber).
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