BOOK on Nanoscale Ferroelectrics and Multiferroics

BOOK on Nanoscale Ferroelectrics and Multiferroics

Miguel Algueró has edited with J. Marty Gregg and Liliana Mitoseriu the book:

Nanoscale Ferroelectrics and Multiferroics: Key Processing and Characterization Issues, and Nanoscale Effects

May 2016. Wiley (ISBN: 978-1-118-93575-0)

This book reviews the key issues in processing and characterization of nanoscale ferroelectrics and multiferroics, and provides a comprehensive description of their properties, with an emphasis in differentiating size effects of extrinsic ones like boundary or interface effects. Recently described nanoscale novel phenomena are also addressed. Organized into three parts it addresses key issues in processing (nanostructuring), characterization (of the nanostructured materials) and nanoscale effects.

Taking full advantage of the synergies between nanoscale ferroelectrics and multiferroics, it covers materials nanostructured at all levels, from ceramic technologies like ferroelectric nanopowders, bulk nanostructured ceramics and thick films, and magnetoelectric nanocomposites, to thin films, either polycrystalline layer heterostructures or epitaxial  systems, and to nanoscale free standing objects with specific geometries, such as nanowires and tubes at different levels of development.